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Mission: ISS is a ground-breaking, immersive Virtual Reality experience designed to bring the wonders of space to the general public.  Created in collaboration with NASA, Mission: ISS lets users explore the International Space Station in detail and understand what it’s like to be an astronaut in a way that’s never before been possible.


Based on NASA models, and honed with input from astronauts who have lived in space, Mission: ISS recreates the International Space Station in painstaking detail.  Users can experience how to move and work in zero-gravity, use space tools, dock a space capsule, and take a spacewalk.  Real astronauts provide a sense of presence through instructional video clips.  With strong STEM-related themes, anyone can take part in experiments and actual missions on the station.  Since the experience is fully immersive, users feel a sense of weightlessness that can only be felt in VR, similar to what astronauts feel... a fact that Mission: ISS’s astronaut advisors confirmed.  (In fact, more than one said it was like making a return trip!)


Created to inspire the next generation of space travelers, Mission: ISS features realistic and intuitive navigation, helpful advice from Mission Control, and compelling and visceral science-related content.  VR experiences are ideal for taking users to places that are too dangerous or too expensive to go; with that in mind, Mission: ISS was made to remove those barriers -- literally anyone with a VR headset can get a taste of space exploration. Mission: ISS is also a non-profit initiative and is being made available to schools, science centers, and libraries around the country.  It is freely available on Facebook’s Oculus Store, and has been demonstrated at science exhibits, international conferences, fairs, and exhibitions across North America and Europe to wide acclaim.


Designed by the Emmy- and Academy Award-winning team at Magnopus and Oculus, this experience marks a revolution in interactive education that never feels academic.  In addition to the Television Academy, it’s been recognized by the VR Awards in London with a nomination for ‘VR Experience of the Year’ for 2017.


Every person on the planet, young and old alike, has wondered about our place in the universe.  The idea of space creates a deep yearning for answers and experiences in all of us, and it serves as a common, unifying thread for humanity.  Mission: ISS promotes this commonality through revolutionary, thrilling immersion.



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